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Lion Lure by Tiger Teaser

Here are some fantasic Customer Reviews on our newest products

Lion Lure
Love the wire that connects the wand to the fur at the end. It makes my cat more interested in playing since the wire simulates a prey animal more closely than the string-type wands. Everything is sturdy enough for my 10Kg Maine Coon to attack or stalk at least once a day. This is worth the extra money to buy than the wands at pet stores since they are much more flimsy and do not last as long.


A worthy addition to your kitty toy arsenal. The wire makes it easy to flick the toy under doors, under chairs, etc. good price, quality product. Buy with confidence!

Our cats love this tiger teaser. The way the wand and wire are made it is easy to play with the cats around a corner or under the couch - they love hunting the 'prey'.
The construction is amazing and high quality. Sam and Smudge have been playing with their Lion Lures for about 2 months now and they still look brand new. They are easy to clean in just a little water and surprisingly the bell has not come off!
My cat loves the action of this toy. The wire is more fun than the usual string on wand toys! She can play with it for an hour and not get bored. Much easier to control than the string wand toys.
This toy beats every cat toy I've ever purchased in a big-box store just for construction alone. I have one cat who obliterated his Da Bird within a month. This lion lure is completely intact. The best part is the sturdy wire that makes controlling the lure easy.
Kitty loves the Lion Lure! Way better movement on the lure compared to the feather one we had purchased from the store. Thanks so much!

I bought this toy for our new kitten. He has several other toys, store bought, but he loves this one! He is so excited about the toy, that he got up on my desk (where I was keeping it away from our two dogs) several times and he dragged his " pray " away, so he can play with it. I have to hide it, when not " in use ", because the dogs will eat anything. Kitty keeps going back, to my desk, where the toy used to be, looking for it! This is the opinion of a satisfied customer!

From the minute I opened my package and pulled out this combo pack, all four of my cats were transfixed! In fact the Bunnies have already gone missing. Ha! Thanks so much for offering natural fur toys--they do not like anything synthetic but go wild for the real stuff. I will definitely be ordering more!

Awesome seller - fantastic toy, had to buy 2nd because cats fought over it!

Emily loves the action of this toy. The wire is more fun than the usual string on wand toys! She can play with it for an hour and not get bored.
Pawsitively Cats has already received a very cool toy, the Lion Lure from Tiger Teasers, I opened the container this morning to the delight of about a dozen cats sitting at my feet, one of them grabbed the toy and took off with it with the others giving chase! I didn't even have to wave it around for them, now that's a great toy!
I purchased 2 Lion Lure's hoping they would help wear out my 5 month old kitten (Sam) who has TONS of energy. Turns out not only does Sam love the Lion Lure but so does my senior cat (Smudge) who never plays with anything. Sam loves the Lion Lure so much that after we finish playing he drags it off to "hide his kill" and should I move it and he hears the bell he will stop everything to come get it from you.

My cats LOVE this toy! It's very well-made and has lasted for months with fairly constant battering and attention from my two cats.
I have 4 cats and they all love this tiger teaser lion lure. In fact, one of the cats will play with nothing else and he plays nonstop with it, wearing out his human.
Saw an ad for this on The Conscious Cat and thought I would get my cat the big one for Christmas, and I got the small one too. My cat loves playing with them both. I tried to get him interested in Da Bird again, but he wanted to play with these instead!

The Lion Lure by Tiger Teasers is the first wire cat wand toy that we have tried out. I wasn't sure how I would like it, but my cat, Charlie, went crazy for the real fur that's on the end of the teaser. You can, of course, get faux fur, but why would you want to? I love the wire instead of having string because it allows you to be able to control the toy more and have it run along stairs or go behind scratchers and other furniture to keep them entertained. The bell on the wand toy is also great - both of my cats coming running when I pick it up because they associate the bell with play time.Not only is this wand great for play time, but it is also great for taking photos - sometimes it can be really hard to get a good photo of your cat, but the bell and the real fur on this toy allows you to capture your kitty's attention for that perfect Kodak moment. Jenny Dean -
My cat is like a kitten again! These bunnies really help him remember to take time to play. Thank you! <3
This Bunny is a very nicely made toy. My 2 cats love to chase it, when it is thrown. I will be buying more of these toys as gifts.
I bought this toy on a whim - didn't think it would be a success, but I'm a sucker for new cat toys. Was so surprised that as soon as I opened the box, this 'bunny' was confiscated by our older cat. She loves it! She bats it around for hours from room to room. Couldn't believe it! It has definitely become her favorite toy. Highly recommend.
What a great idea! My cats actually love them too!There's something about that faux fur that my cats are obsessed with. That on top of the shape, weight, and action of these toys makes them unique from their other toys.
I really wasn't sure about how well my cats would take to these Bunnies, but they both really love them - they are light enough to bat around and carry around, which my cats tend to do with their toys. Plus, they are quiet - so, when my cats play at night the toys don't make noise (but the cats do, meowing after them). They are very well made and have stood up to months of play in my house, which says a lot.
ThisBunnyis such a simple idea but when I pulled this out of the package and tossed it at one of my cats, she went crazy for it! Picked it up in her mouth and started running around the house with it. Then, tossed it around and ran around batting it all over the floor. It really gets her prey drive going, a very good thing! Also, the package arrived quickly and in good condition.

My cats love these Bunny toys! They actually remove them from the cat toy basket themselves and "hunt" them for hours on end.