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Frenzy Cat Toys

Maravia of Supernova with Reindeer Refill

The Frenzy Cat Toy range of toys have been created by a cat lover for cats, the various refills are made to provide an exciting variety of play for your furkid and keep them interested for hours and hours.

The benefits of this toy, besides the obvious entertainment value, are a happier and healthier cat. Many cats can become quite lazy, especially indoor cats, and feline obesity and poor health due to lack of exercise are very common problems but now you can help your cats improve their health while you enjoy the acrobatic show they perform.

For cats with a bit of a weight problem the Frenzy Cat toys are an excellent way to encourage them to exercise and lose the extra pounds, of course you will also extend their lifespan by getting them back to peak fitness.

We work very closely with two feline behaviour specialist to create a toy which is stimulating, safe and fun for owner and cat alike. This is what they have to say about the Frenzy products..

Kim Houston - CAT-astrophesEvery cat household should have a Frenzy Interactive Toy. The range of toys designed by Frenzy will cater for all cat personalities and will allow you to customise play sessions to suit.  As one of UK’s leading cat behaviour experts, I work with clients on a daily basis who insist that their cats do not have the desire to play, and that they lack interest with their current toys. Frenzy Interactive Toys will certainly change all that!!

Cats cannot resist the Feather Frenzy and the Frenzy Fur Twister, to name but a few. These toys fly through the air attached to the Flying Frenzy Wand and simulate a flying bird, which is simply too hard for your cat to resist. To your cat, these toys look and sound like the real thing!   No matter how active or sedentary your cat is, with Frenzy Interactive toys you can turn a dull day into a spectacular play session. Your cat will certainly thank you!  I would not hesitate to recommend the range of Frenzy Interactive Toys

Now available at good pet stores throughout New Zealand

Kim Houston BSc (Hons), Dip (AS) CABC, CCAB
Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Cat-astrophes: Experts in Cat Behaviour


FelinovaI use the Flying Frenzy every single day to make anxious and depressed cats happy again. It has become a main part of my behaviour plan for owners in cases of obesity, house soiling, aggression, depression and anxiety.

I could not imagine my practice without the Frenzy, I am absolutely convinced that every cat in the world should have one available every day. The mechanics of the toy is such a convincing prey for the cat, auditory as well as visualy, the Frenzy just makes the ideal indoor and outdoor solution to give your cat the perfect exercise and make him super happy!

Anneleen Bru
Felinova Animal Behaviour Consulting

Our aim was to produce a high quality product at an affordable price and one which is produced ethically without causing suffering or cruelty to any animals. Unlike some of our competitors, who claim their products are hand made in their country yet are mass produced in China with only final assembly done in the domestic country, we have achieved this without outsourcing ANYTHING to China or any country associated with animal cruelty. Almost the entire range is made by hand here in the UK using the best quality components we can find, all components used are selected from sources which permit the most natural environment for the donor animals and all animal products used, feathers, fur etc, are by-products from the human food industry.

As of the time of writing the Frenzy range has received nothing less than 5 star rave reviews on all the retail websites where they are available so we know we got it right.