How To Train A Dog – Tips For Training Your Pet

July 08, 2016

May 26, 2016 • Posted by synergyadmin

Training your pet can be a difficult process, but if you get everyone in your family on-board, and stay consistent in your methods, the rewards do come. Dogs want your approval and love, naturally, so you must teach him/her what behaviors are expected – and they will follow.

Pet parents should set realistic expectations for training; your dog is not going to be trained over-night. It takes time to change behaviors you don’t like – such as barking, digging, jumping, chasing, and going potty in the home. It’s never too late to change a behavior you don’t like, however, the earlier you get started, the quicker it is to fix the problem. We also know dogs respond well to treats. Sure, this could be considered bribery…but it works. So do what works! Reward your pet for good behavior and they will continue to practice their good behavior.

Here are some top-tips for training your pet:

  • Have realistic expectations. Training takes time. So be patient.
  • Have fun! Make training an engaging & rewarding experience for you and your pet.
  • Tell your puppy what you want him/her to do.
  • Be consistent in telling your puppy what to do. And, make sure everyone in your family uses the same training methods, commands, and rewards system.
  • Keep regular mealtimes & give your puppy lots of potty opportunities.
  • Use Fooey®! in conjunction with training methods to keep pets from licking, biting, chewing and destroying anything they might like to go after in your home.
  • Praise and give affection when your puppy responds to your commands.
  • Give treats and rewards when your puppy listens to you.
  • Exercise your pet. Take lots of walks. Let them run and play.
  • Don’t give too much freedom too soon. Actively supervise your pet during their training stages.
  • Love your animal always, because that’s how they feel about you.

May 26, 2016 • Posted by synergyadmin

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