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Zero Pet Odour Control

Zero Odour Control is a nanotechnology odour control with a unique, patented process that completely removes odours. Traditional odour control solutions such as masking agents with complex chemical systems have a similar result but have limitations. Zero is an engineered material consisting of micro-sized particles that capture and physically bind with odour-causing compounds before eliminating them. Odours are not masked; they are removed.

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  1. How does Zero work?

A malodour is what we perceive when our noses detect certain chemicals present in the air in very small amounts, between less than 1 and 100 parts in 1 million. Zero traps or breaks down these chemicals. As these chemicals and the Zero particles come into contact, Zero will capture many of them, whether they are in the air or water. Once they are captured, they will either remain bound to the Zero particles, or they are converted into different chemicals that do not smell unpleasant.

  1. What is a malodour?

A malodour is another way of saying “bad odour”. These are often made from molecules that contain nitrogen, oxygen, and/or sulphur. Zero will selectively target these compounds and will bind them, or convert them to substances that don’t smell so offensive.

  1. How does Zero differ from carbon odour removal products?

Activated carbon absorbs a large variety of smells. In fact, activated carbon absorbs both malodours and desirable fragrances. Because carbon attracts so many different odours, its capacity is exhausted quickly and is no longer useful. This means that a significant quantity of activated carbon would be required to eliminate a specific, pervasive malodour. Zero is a selective odour elimination technology. Different classes of malodours, whether based on sulphur, nitrogen or oxygen, are specifically targeted by different types of Zero. This means that Zero will not get used up as quickly as carbon, and has the potential to continue to eliminate malodours as they are generated. One concern with carbon odour removal products is they tend to be dusty, and the black carbon can create an unwanted mess.

  1. How long will it last?

Each situation is different. Depending on how much Zero is applied and how stinky the environment, Zero has the capacity to continue to remove malodours from significant time frames. Zero is water soluble and may be washed away by water.

  1. How fast does it remove the odour?

Zero has been shown to work in as little as a few minutes. Some applications may require the treated area to be dry. Some applications can take a few hours or a few days before the odour is eliminated. Applying the Zero nearest the source of the odour will help to eliminate the odour most quickly. Moving the bad smelling air towards the Zero is also helpful in reducing the time required to eliminate the malodour.

  1. What type of odour does it remove?

Zero is best suited to eliminate odours caused by urine, faeces, trash, rotting food and sewer-like odours. These malodours are based in sulphur and nitrogen. It also has the potential to eliminate other malodours not listed here.

  1. Where can it be used?

Zero can be used in a wide variety of applications. Zero can be applied to the fabric, upholstery, carpeting, absorbent materials, hard surfaces, and many other places. Due to the high capacity of Zero to remove malodours, there is no need to over-spray or over-apply Zero, as this may leave a residue. Zero is water soluble, and may be washed away or vacuumed when dry.

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