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Great product

Bought this to help with my 1yr old ‘puller’ thing ive ever fabulously with the HALTI Training Lead too 😊😊

The best customer service I have ever received

Thanks for the quality Scratch Post and super quick delivery to Dunedin.
Thanks especially to Shane. I will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for a post or other accessories.

Great product. Great service. Birds eat every last little bit and feed it to the young. Great to wean young birds on.

Rosella bed

Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the rosella beed. We are very happy with this product, the look and stability of the bed is perfect.

Maisie Harper says a big thanks

Maisie Harper adores her new penthouse apartment tree. All her favorite toys are forever getting dropped off the top. The happiness Maaine coon in Kapiti coast for sure. Thanks for a easy but and awesome quick delivery 🐱

Great product, great value

See the title!

Great service

ComfyPet is easy to deal with, providing fast, efficient service.They are the only business I was able to find online who sells the Rawhide Munchy rolls at an affordable price. Our dog loves these treats - thank you ComfyPet - keep up the good work!

Rosie loves her new bed

I purchased a XL Rosella Dog Bed for our 18mth old Labrador and she LOVES it!

Rosella Dog bed.

We have four of these beds - our dogs just love them. We have no problems with dogs getting on human furniture - they prefer the comfort of their own. Well worth the expense.

Great purchase

The 2 meter Halti lead is used by Guide Dogs as a training tool. I bought one because it can be used in a variety of configurations and I appreciate the length.

KatAttack Chicago

This cat furniture is brilliant; it’s incredibly sturdy and well-made, fitting in nicely in my brand new home. I was concerned it would look clunky, but it’s so well made, so no worries on that front. My two rescue cats took to it immediately - scratching, climbing, lounging, bounding and playing. Live it. Very happy.

Great study cat post.

I had no hesitation in buying another of these posts for Silver to use upstairs. I bought the other downstairs one, a while ago, and it is fantastic quality.

Great product

Great product, quick delivery

Cat scratch posts

I ordered two cat scratch posts. They are very strong and a good size, perfect for my cats. They absolutely love them. The colours suit my decor perfectly. I have one problem though as the pile pulls out every time they use them and it is all over the bottom of each post plus it spreads over my carpet and is quite messy. I thought it may be from the join but it pulls out from any area. Not sure if you can offer a solution. Thanks.

Hey thanks for the review and we are glad that your cats love the posts. We do use 100% NZ Made wool carpet which can pull away from its natural backing – cats love that. Cats also like to work on the joins of the carpet and they have great pleasure in stripping away any hanging strands – we recommend a bit of haircut on the carpet from time to time cutting away any strands that are loose. We can use a nylon carpet which has a plastic/rubber backing if you prefer just give us a call and we can work something out.
Good stuff!

My duckies love these pellets.

my maniecoon loves it

I have an mainecoon and this cat tree fits them a lot better than our previous tree. Our mainecoon was having a hard time balancing on the last one because he ran out of room, and it started to shake when he jumped on it, so this tree not only has more stability but a bigger house. They absolutely love it and I like that it comes already built. Bigger cats will love this tree.

My kittens love this Manhattan

I am impressed by the quality of the materials and the construction of this cat tree. I've purchased many other similar products over the years and this tree is superior by far. They love scratching on the posts and have played on this tree for endless hours. Great customer service from Comfypet. Buy with confidence.

Excellent product which arrived quickly and safely. We are thrilled with the extra fur collar we requested.

Our pheasants are peckish for it!

The pheasants and guinea fowl love it so must be good!

My Cats Love it!

As soon as it arrived my 2 cats jumped straight to the top and started playing around like they were kittens again. These are well built and it looks good in my lounge. Thanks guys

Stunning and worth every dollar

I am the proud owner of a trio of Maine Coons. Having already purchased several other Katattack Units and been extremely happy with them I was now looking for more that the whole trio could play together on. The end result is I am now the owner of 3 of these Vegas units and they are fabulous. Jim, Shane and their team are a fabulous Company to deal with and went to great lengths to ensure that I would be more than satisfied with this purchase. The units themselves are really really solid and the construction/finishing are fabulous. My units are all customised to suit my cats needs and nothing was too much trouble for Jim and Shane to organise. My trio have a ball playing/running/jumping on and off these units and of course resting in the igloo or bed when playtime finishes. The other thing to note about these (and in fact all the katattack range) is that in lots of ways are more than just Cat Trees or Playgrounds, they are elegant pieces of furniture. They are a major talki ng point with Visitors. Well done Guys, fabulous service and products, I highly recommend these units