Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeder Grey/Green


  • Since the beginning, the cat is a hunter. This cat tube feeder, also know as the Stimulo cat interactive feeder helps cats rediscover their True Nature. It is designed to help cats maintain a healthy activity level with its many opening where you can spread and hide the food. You cat will be able to explore its instinct and search for food. Promotes weight loss Helps reduce ingestion speed Helps digestion Replicates natural behaviour Help reduce anxiety by play A positive foraging experience

  • Slow ingestion down The fastest way to slow your cat during his meal. This bowl of food will allow your cat to eat slower and digest better while searching for food. Promotes healthy weight To maintain recommended weight, it is recommended to add a foraging activity. This allows for better digestion and thus a healthy weight. Keep your cat healthy Mix games and meals allows the cat to eat smaller portions, which is recommended by veterinarians to keep the mental and physical health. Cats like to play Cats have the habit of playing with their food. It is therefore quite normal for them to use interactive bowl and work for their meal.

  • We know that cats like to search in small closed spaces. This is because they like to try to get the mouse. This is exactly what this feeder is like. Tons of mice and holes… We know that still many cats are declawed. So we made it with a round bottom so any cat can use it. The base can also be used without the tubes when learning how to use it.

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