Lion Lure Mini


  • As seen on Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell!!

    Our Lion Lure is one of Jackson Galaxy's toys used with his clients throughout Season 5.

    The wire on the Lion Lure is firm, yet flexible, allowing you to mimic the movement of a small rodent. It is the perfect cat wand toy because it allows you to strategically play with your cat. Take yourself back, pretend you are a mouse or a rabbit trying to escape the cat....Where would you hide? Around the corner under the couch or bed around furniture, under the rug through holes, cracks and crevices in or around cat trees use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.....
  • Safest cat wand toy on the market!
    The Lion Lure Mini is exactly the same as the Lion Lure except it is smaller and more portable witha 6" wand. It works great for traveling, photography, cat shows, vet visits, training and behavior modification.
    Metal wire allows you to mimic the movement of a small rodent which cats find impossible to resist.
    The control you have with the wire allows you to strategically maneuver the toy.
    Premium synthetic fur looks and feels like real prey
    Fur toys appeal to cats natural hunting instincts and senses and allows for an appropriate outlet for the natural prey drive.
  • Specifications:
    Total toy length: 12"
    Wand length: 6"
    Wire length: 6"
    Fur: 1" wide x 2"long
    Weight: .5 oz


    Wand colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue

Type: Cat Toys

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