Peckish Guinea Pig & Rabbit Pellets 3.5kg

Peckish Guinea Pig and Rabbit Pellet have been specifically formulated as a high protein and fibre feed for rabbits & guinea pigs. These pellets have been nutritionally balanced and formulated to meet the vitamin and mineral requirements for healthy growing animals.

Peckish Guinea Pig and Rabbit Pellets can be fed standalone - or in conjunction with good quality sources of roughage such as lucerne hay or chaff. Vitamin C is added to meet the requirments of guinea pigs for this essential vitamin.

Ingredients:Selected from Wheat, Barley, Oats, Lupins, Peas, Canola Meal, Lucerne Meal, Soya Meal, Mill Run, Bentonite, Salt, Di-Calcium Phosphate, and Vitamin and Mineral Premix.