Peckish Rat & Mouse Pellets 1kg Bag


  • Handy pellet form.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Balanced mix of grains and seeds.

Peckish Rat and Mouse Pellets is specifically formulated for all your pet’s nutritional needs. The hearty mix of grains and seeds is manufactured into a convenient pellet form right here in Australia using only local ingredients, so you know the quality is second to none. Rat & Mouse menu contains everything your pet needs to sustain a healthy, vibrant life.

Feeding Instructions:Peckish Rat & Mouse Pellets should be introduced gradually. Any change of diet should occur over a 7‒10 day period as sudden changes in diet can cause  digestive problems. If digestive problems arise, reduce the amount of Rat & Mouse Pellets and substantially increase the amount of roughage until normal digestion occurs.

Ingredients:Selected from Wheat, Oats, Barley, Sorghum, Cracked Maize, Cracked Lupins, Black Sunflower, Vitamins and Minerals.

Selected from: Wheat, Oats, Barley, Sorghum, Cracked Lupins, Black Sunflower.
Protein Min.                    10.86%
Met. Energy                    13.35MJ/kg
Fat Min.                            3.64%
Crude Fibre Max.           3.94%

Type: Small Animal