Premium superDRYbed 25mm


Type: superDRYbed

superDRYbed has unique moisture release qualities that ensure pets stay warm & dry. Luxurious 25mm high pile construction makes it ideal for incontinent or whelping pets. Machine washable & quick drying this quality product has many applications. Machine washable @ 40*c or wash outside with jet spray. Quick drying, tumble or drip dry. Recommended & used by Veterinarians worldwide superDRYbed is non irritant, non allergic & deep pile for heat retention.

Small 610 x 450mm
Medium 760 x 530mm
Large 910 x 610mm
X-Large 1050 x 700m
Jumbo 1000 x 1500mm

Way back in the early 1970s, an imitation sheepskin fleece was invented to protect people from bed sores and nasty infections caused from being bedridden. It was known as MEDI FLEECE.  This was used extensively in hospitals and is to this day. This was because it didn’t hold bugs, could be boiled for cleaning so soiling by patients wasn’t a problem. People with allergies were safe on it as it was hypo allergenic. So Medi fleece was invented. It has since been branded as MediPad, DryBED etc,  Once the quality & durability of this imitation sheepskin fleece was established it was decided to sell it to Veterinary outlets for injured animals recuperating from their operations and VetBed was established.  It was soon apparent that this amazing stuff was handy for more than just post-op care for dogs & cats.  The Breeders screamed out for it. Kennels and catteries couldn’t manage without it & it took the pet world by storm.  The basic make up of vet bed is a tough  backing and a 25mm thick imitation sheepskin top. The idea is any moisture runs straight through the fibres thus keeping the dog, cat, animal, or human, dry and comfortable.

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