Purrs Flying or Da Bird Cat Toy Cord - Repair Kit


Anyone who owns a cat will know that no toy is 100% cat proof, sharp claws and sharp teeth eventually win the day.

With the Purrs wand the part that will end up damaged is the cord and as anyone who has had a cord chewed through on our competitors wands will know attaching a new cord securely and effectively is not as easy as it would first seem.

We do not expect you to have to buy a whole new wand when this happens, we offer the repair kit which includes everything you need to quickly and effectively repair your wand to its former glory. Not only does it work with the Purrs wands but also other wand toys such as the Da-Bird so don't throw away a wand because the cord is damaged just repair it with our kit.

Even better, not only does the repair kit fix your wand good as new, it now makes it even better! The repair kit is now also a "Quick Fix" conversion kit which attaches a double swivel directly to the end of the wand so you can simply tie on a new cord. The kit comes with everything needed including a new cord and snap hook but if it breaks again you can simply tie on a piece of cord or wool or whatever you have to hand which is suitable without having to purchase anything else.

As well as the "Quick Fix" repair kit we also offer a cost effective pack of two spare cords and two snap hooks if you prefer to use the same cord as we use - the choice is yours to make once you have the "quick Fix" kit.

Type: Cat Toys

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