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KatAttack Furniture


KatAttack New Yorker

  • Our KA800 New Yorker is running a close second in sales to the KA700 Manhattan - in fact, many of our Manhattan customers have upgraded to the New Yorker after seeing an improvement of their cats agility and muscular tone from climbing all over these Cat Trees every day.  Many large cat owners (such as Maine Coon) find it hard to buy suitable products to suit their needs, however, they soon recognise our wobble-free solid Cat Furniture is accepted by their fur kids as they bound about on them. Ideal for several cats at once this model has plenty of space for each cat to play or rest as they please.  Because we build these units here in NZ we can make design modifications or custom make one to suit your setup. We use only the best materials available to build the New Yorker and are proud to provide a 10-year Structural Warranty for your peace of mind. 
  • Base 74 x 56cm
    Level 1 46 x 46cm
    Level 2 46 x 46cm
    Level 3 60 x 54cm
    Level 4 46 x 44cm
    House 57 x 37cm
    Height 208cm
  • It has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws they are sharpening their claws. It turns out that this is only a secondary reason. Research on cat behaviour suggests that the major reason for this behaviour is communication. By roughing up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favourite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to.
    When scratching is done indoors on walls, furniture or carpeted areas, it can result in considerable damage, owner frustration and sometimes the loss of the home for the cat. It is easier to prevent problem scratching rather than trying to change your cat’s preference for the arm of your sofa after it has become an established habit. Thus, the goal is to establish acceptable scratching habits by getting your cat to prefer a scratching post rather than the arm of your sofa. 

All Cat Trees are pre-assembled in our factory and are guaranteed "Wobble Free"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great tree and service!

I’m over the moon with the cat tree, it’s incredible sturdy and well made. The customer service from comfy pet was amazing, they really went the extra mile to resolve a delivery issue. Me and the cats are very happy :)

With vast appreciation

Thank you so much for bringing out our Amazing New Yorker KatAttack tree this afternoon, it is so nice to get such a top quality piece of furniture, both we and the cats will enjoy it. Great that you can resupply the toys when they wear out and even re-carpet the tree. A great experience from the first day I contacted you right through to delivery. I can see why you are so proud of your product!

Maisie Harper says a big thanks

Maisie Harper adores her new penthouse apartment tree. All her favorite toys are forever getting dropped off the top. The happiness Maaine coon in Kapiti coast for sure. Thanks for a easy but and awesome quick delivery 🐱

my maniecoon loves it

I have an mainecoon and this cat tree fits them a lot better than our previous tree. Our mainecoon was having a hard time balancing on the last one because he ran out of room, and it started to shake when he jumped on it, so this tree not only has more stability but a bigger house. They absolutely love it and I like that it comes already built. Bigger cats will love this tree.

My Cats Love it!

As soon as it arrived my 2 cats jumped straight to the top and started playing around like they were kittens again. These are well built and it looks good in my lounge. Thanks guys