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KatAttack Interactive Cat Wand 50cm


The KatAttack Wands Interactive cat toy is ideal for entertaining playtime with your pet.  A single flexible rod, 50cm and 95cm in length, consisting of a plastic tube and sheathed in black rubber.

If you haven't seen the KatAttack Wand Toy in action with your cat, prepare to be amazed! - The feather attachment spins through the air like a flying bird, making your cat appear and sound like the genuine thing!   Fly the feather end of the KatAttack Wands Cat toy around the room or garden in random sweeping patterns, just like a bird in flight. Your cat's concentration will be entirely on its "prey." Speak to the cat in a pleasant, joyful tone. Land or swoop the feather end close to your cat during flight; they will be waiting/jumping at the best opportunity to get their prey! When captured, pretend to be dead and take advantage of the opportunity to flee when the cat lets go! This routine will both fascinate and fatigue your cat. If they are panting, take a break and then restart until the cat is absolutely exhausted.

A few single feathers can be utilised to fulfil the cats' capture and kill chew instincts. After that, a high-protein snack. The natural cycle of hunt-catch-kill-eat is thus completed.

It's usually a good idea to put the wand away after playing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sharon Grayson (Raglan, NZ)

Best cat toys ever

Yvonne Crockett (Auckland, NZ)
Very good buy

This is one toy my cat has really taken to. Great for getting an indoor cat to get some real exercise as well as entertainment for ages.

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