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KatAttack Vegas


Title: Two Tone Carpet - Dark Uprights / Light Levels
  • Since the release of the original version of the Vegas, several enhancements have been made, and the product is now widely used in both domestic settings and commercial catteries around New Zealand. The time and care that goes into creating one of these masterworks is crucial to maintaining our reputation for excellence. Our cat trees, including this one, are assembled at our factory before being shipped out, so you may expect a sizable package upon delivery.


    170 x 62 x 146cm
  • Base 170 x 62cm
    Height 146cm

If you would like a specific colour carpet, you can specify this on the cart page.

All Cat Trees are fully assembled and shipped in this manner to ensure that they are "Wobble Free."

Real Wood

100% NZ pine wood

Made in NZ

All of our scratchers are hand crafted

Built to last

We only use wood and zero cardboard

100% Recyclable

No plastics used in our cat trees

Wobble Free

Fully assembled in our factory


Triboard- The key to us being able to give our 10-Year Structural Warranty is the base and landings. It's made from 100 percent sustainable New Zealand Radiata pine and adheres to strict quality and environmental guidelines. Over and above anything else available, the stable core provides superior load-bearing and screw-holding advantages. Although more pricey, we believe it is necessary for our Cat Trees.

Pine Poles - Upright Poles Our circular uprights are made of solid New Zealand pine that is 100 millimetres thick, and we glue and staple our carpet to them. Because of this, even after your cat has completely damaged the carpet, we can still recover it.

Carpet- We only use carpets with a cut pile (loop pile carpets might snag your cat's claws), and the majority of the quality carpets we use are created in New Zealand. For instance, the cost of a Cavalier Bremworth carpet can reach more than $300 per linear metre, but each New Yorker requires more than 2.25 linear metres of carpeting.

Sisal- Our Sisal is of maritime grade, and it is hand-wound onto our uprights using industrial staples. This Sisal is there for the cat that thinks it's a tiger and has an attitude; we believe ours to be the toughest on the market, so bring it on!!!!

All your questions answered

Colours and Extras

Within the shopping cart's section, there is a box in which you can enter your request. Let us know if you like a colour that you have seen on any of our other models, and we will do our best to accommodate your request to have that colour applied to this model.

Because we construct each of our trees in-house, we are able to fulfil the majority of our customers' needs. There is a possibility that this will incur additional costs, however we will tell you of these costs before we construct your unit.

Once more, this is something that we are able to perform for an additional fee. You can send us an email with your request, and we will respond with a price estimate.

That is dependent upon your feline friend. Sisal is durable enough to survive the claws of a cat for many months or even years. Nevertheless, some felines like the plusher texture of carpet.


If you choose one of our bigger cat trees, it may take a bit longer to arrive as these units are made to order. Your tracking information will be sent to you immediately after your item/s are shipped. To transport them around New Zealand, for our larger trees we strap and pack them on pallets once they've left our factory you will be contacted by our bulk freight company.

Absolutely not! Each of our cat trees is shipped out of our factory in a completely built state. Once our cat trees have been delivered, you will not need to screw or glue them together.

We do not pass on the complete cost of freight because it is prohibitively expensive to ship huge cat trees within New Zealand. Consider that transporting a New Yorker to your location would be similar to sending a sizable refrigerator there.

Recovering my old scratcher

Yes, if it's one of our own. If it's possible to bring it to our facility, we can usually have it restored to its original condition within a week. A fee will be charged if you live in Auckland and want us to pick up and drop off.

Depending on the model, most cat trees only require the uprights to be refurbished. Single posts typically range between $40 and $70, and large cat trees require an email with a photo so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

We are unable to do so due to the fact that the vast majority of scratching posts sold in pet stores are constructed of cardboard, which makes it difficult for our carpet to adhere to.

Get in touch today

For all your general queries, please contact our team by email or phone where we will be happy to assist you. - 09 263 0005

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Abby-Lee O'Connor (Auckland, NZ)
Vegas is a hit!

Bought this as we added a fifth cat to our home and thought this would be perfect for the cats to play and bond. They love it and created extra space for sleeping and play.


Got the Vegas custom made and my kitten, Simba absolutely loves it! It's his new gym and hangout. He loves to play peek-a-boo and show off his skills, jumping from one pole and level to the other, climbing, running, hiding and then.. just waiting for you to make a move before he shows off his 'see-how-fast-I-can-move-you-can’t-catch-me!' skills. Plenty of opportunities to do that with the Vegas! Simba loved the Vegas so much that for the first three days after we received it, he did not allow me to even touch the Vegas! He had the 'don't-touch-my-Vegas-mom-it's-MINE-only-meow-mine!' attitude. Talk about guarding his turf :)

The Vegas is very sturdy, high quality with a fantastic finish; far exceeded my expectations. Visitors to my house are amazed at the quality and enjoy watching Simba play on it.

I also have the Reno and the Manhattan; both excellent products, sturdy, durable and my kitten just simply cannot get enough of them.
Shane and Daniel are very accommodating and the delivery team are simply awesome! Absolutely AAA+ product and service. Highly recommend to every cat owner!

Lauryn (Auckland, NZ)
Love this!

Our cats LOVE their new cat tree - the Vegas is sturdy and has provided hours of entertainment and opportunities for zoomies, scratch-ups and snuggles with the varying heights, box, holes and levels. Our girls are indoor kitties so giving them the opportunity to be active is important - this is the second cat tree we have bought from this range (we have the Chicago) - and would not hesitate to recommend any of these products. The quality of the product is always top-notch and the Team at Comfy Pet are amazing! Highly recommend.

Nick Major (Auckland, NZ)
Our cats love this!

This is the second climber we have bought from Comfy Pet (we have a New Yorker) and they are such good quality pieces of furniture, and our six cats love them. Each piece is incredibly sturdy, which means our chonkier fur babies can thunder up and down them in pursuit of one another without it wobbling, and others just love to snuggle up and sleep in the boxes. The actual structure is very strong and the carpeting material is somehow mostly scratch - resistant, although our cats have given it a good try.
When we bought this we requested no dangly toys and this was acknowledged in a confirmation email from the company, before they started building our Vegas. Overall, extremely happy with everything from the ordering process, service, delivery and build quality. Our cats don't go out, so they get to play all day on these in their rumpus instead and they love them. I wouldn't hesitate to buy something else from this range again.

Stunning and worth every dollar

I am the proud owner of a trio of Maine Coons. Having already purchased several other Katattack Units and been extremely happy with them I was now looking for more that the whole trio could play together on. The end result is I am now the owner of 3 of these Vegas units and they are fabulous. Jim, Shane and their team are a fabulous Company to deal with and went to great lengths to ensure that I would be more than satisfied with this purchase. The units themselves are really really solid and the construction/finishing are fabulous. My units are all customised to suit my cats needs and nothing was too much trouble for Jim and Shane to organise. My trio have a ball playing/running/jumping on and off these units and of course resting in the igloo or bed when playtime finishes. The other thing to note about these (and in fact all the katattack range) is that in lots of ways are more than just Cat Trees or Playgrounds, they are elegant pieces of furniture. They are a major talki ng point with Visitors. Well done Guys, fabulous service and products, I highly recommend these units