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KatAttack Furniture


KatAttack Chicago

  • The KA600 Chicago is our entry-level tall Cat Tree model with 3 levels including a backrest on the upper level for safety. From the solid pine uprights to extremely strong Triboard Base & Levels we can with confidence offer a 10-year Structural Warranty on this & all of our KatAttacK models. Covered in premium cut pile carpet all over.  This is a great model to get your cat up off ground level and high where they feel safe and more confident.  We have the KatAttack Toys or Tiger Teaser Cat Wands available to use for play and to get them running up and down the Cat Tree for good exercise & conditioning.
  • Base 63 x 53cm
    Level 1 50 x 40cm
    Level 2 50 x 40cm
    Level 3 50 x 40cm
    Height 135cm
  • It has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws they are sharpening their claws. It turns out that this is only a secondary reason. Research on cat behaviour suggests that the major reason for this behaviour is communication. By roughing up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favourite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to.
    When scratching is done indoors on walls, furniture or carpeted areas, it can result in considerable damage, owner frustration and sometimes the loss of the home for the cat. It is easier to prevent problem scratching rather than trying to change your cat’s preference for the arm of your sofa after it has become an established habit. Thus, the goal is to establish acceptable scratching habits by getting your cat to prefer a scratching post rather than the arm of your sofa.

All Cat Trees are pre-assembled in our factory and are guaranteed "Wobble Free"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My Coonie feeling the love!

Reviewing day 14. Great value for money! This big, strong and sturdy contraption was a 'must have' for our coonie. His claws wrecks our furniture, (and his) making the room look shabby. There are bits of carpet which comes away from the poles after stretching and scratching, but its not noticeable once you vacuum it. Also theres no gapping big holes on areas of the pole, which is awesome! On that note, I've had poles wrapped with sisal rope, it gets ugly after a while (in my opinion) in comparison. I paid an awesome price and will be keeping up with the great deals this site offers! The ONLY downfall (which has nothing to do with the tree's structure)...the couriers!!! They refuse to return the empty pallet back to base, so you may have to pay a few extra coins to get rid of it.

KatAttack Chicago

This cat furniture is brilliant; it’s incredibly sturdy and well-made, fitting in nicely in my brand new home. I was concerned it would look clunky, but it’s so well made, so no worries on that front. My two rescue cats took to it immediately - scratching, climbing, lounging, bounding and playing. Live it. Very happy.