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KatAttack Furniture


KatAttack Manhattan

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  • Our KA700 Manhattan Cat Tree is fantastic value for money with 3 x resting levels plus a Cubby House to hide away in - they have an exit out of the roof up to a higher level with a soft backrest to snuggle against safely while snoozing. The Cubby House has carpet lining inside & out plus a fitted drybed mat that can easily be washed when required.  This is our most popular model and suitable for one or two moggies but has enough levels for three cats. Solid construction makes this possible and of course, we guarantee there will be no wobbles to worry about. To assist with play and inter-action we recommend using a Tiger Teaser or KatAttack Toys play Wand to have them running up and down the Cat Tree & having more fun than they have ever had.
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    Base 68 x 53cm
    Level 1 53 x 43cm
    Level 2 53 x 57cm
    Level 3 53 x 43cm
    House 350w x 400d mm
    Height 1680mm
  • It has long been assumed that when cats scratch objects with their front paws they are sharpening their claws. It turns out that this is only a secondary reason. Research on cat behaviour suggests that the major reason for this behaviour is communication. By roughing up the bark of a tree (or the leg of your favourite chair) the cat is letting other cats or people know where she is and what she is up to.
    When scratching is done indoors on walls, furniture or carpeted areas, it can result in considerable damage, owner frustration and sometimes the loss of the home for the cat. It is easier to prevent problem scratching rather than trying to change your cat’s preference for the arm of your sofa after it has become an established habit. Thus, the goal is to establish acceptable scratching habits by getting your cat to prefer a scratching post rather than the arm of your sofa.

All Cat Trees are pre-assembled in our factory and are guaranteed "Wobble Free"

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Manhattan - Another Great KatAttack Tree!

We bought a New Yorker a year ago for our two Maine Coons and decided we needed a second cat tree. We have been so delighted with the first KatAttack tree there was never any question in our minds about getting any other brand.
This time we decided on a Manhattan and once again this is a superb cat tree. Beautifully crafted and finished and solid as a rock even with our two whirlwinds all over it. Both cats took to it immediately and settled in for a play and a snooze.
Our original New Yorker is looking great after a year of heavy use and is likely breathing a sigh of relief to share the activity with it's new Manhattan "mate". We are so lucky in New Zealand to have such a great company dedicated to making superb quality furniture for our cats. Thank you ComfyPet, we will be your customers for life. Signed Dotti and Chatty =(^.^)= =(^.^)=


We bought this for our cat when moving into a new house. We wanted to encourage him not to scratch the new furniture, and give him a place of his own away from our 2 dogs. Best. Investment. Ever. It is so sturdy and well made. George is a large cat, and he can jump all over it without a wobble. It took him about 7 minutes from the time the tree arrived to snuggle into a ball in the little house, which is nice and roomy for him. He scratches at the rope bases regularly, and they're holding up beautifully. It's only been 10 days, but he's destroyed other cat trees in less than 24hrs and this one still looks brand new. Can't recommend enough. Oh! And it came fully assembled, which honestly is the best thing about it. Carried it straight in, and no issues mucking around with assembly. Thanks team, would buy again in a heartbeat.

Love it

So pleased we purchased this for our kitten he loves it. One happy kitten and our Granddaughter also loves it 😂 maybe you need to make one for children 😂

Great product and made in NZ

Such a great product, it’s so sturdy and well made. The size is perfect for my two kittens. They love sleeping on the top tier and climb up and down the pole.
We have the cat tree in the “cat room” and the video attached is the first day after we received the tree.

Best cat tower ever

We have an adventurous Burmese, which loves to climb and jump on everything. We had a little cheap cat tower which he destroyed from over use. All I have to say is that the 'Manhattan Cat Tree is the much loved and it never moves from being beaten up by the burmese. He also loves nothing more than sitting high up looking down at us or having he power naps on it. So that to the team for making a great product, we highly recommend this product.

Fantastic product

Highly recommend this tower. It comes fully built and delivered. About 10x sturdier than our previous tower and the cats absolutely love it. The quality is worth the price.

Built like a house

Can't get over how sturdy this tower is which is great for our Ragdoll who loves to climb up the main pole to the top level. She absolutely loves to scratch and climb around the tower and chill out and look down on us from the various platforms. A worthwhile purchase!

So sturdy

An early Christmas present for our three fur babies and they love it. Big and strong and definitely wobble proof. Our Ragdoll and Ragdoll/ mainecoon cross both leap around on it and we can be sure it will stand up to their testing. Even our three legged moggy hauls herself up onto it and snuggles down. The unanimous decision didn’t take long as it was obvious they all love it.

KatAttack Manhattan for Maine Coon

My cat is Maine Coon, who is about 7kg. The KatAttack Manhattan is great quality, finally she can sleep high in the living room. Enjoy it very much.

Awesome cat tower: sturdy and well designed

I purchased this Manhattan cat tower a few weeks ago and it arrived in the exact colour I described. My cats took a little while to get used to it but now they absolutely love it! It is super sturdy, nice and tall, well made and well designed with large platforms and a large bed. The posts are very sturdy, much wider than the posts on my previous cheaper cat tower. I also loved that I was able to choose either sisal or carpet for the scratching posts, as my cats prefer to scratch carpet. This cat tower is well worth the price.