We care about your fur babies almost as much as you do. That’s why our cat scratchers have been the number one selling in NZ for the past 10 years

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Patchwork is a family business and like you, they're dog people. They care about their dogs which means they care about your dogs too. They strive to make the most high-quality toys that are both functional, affordable, and always serve a purpose. Their mission is to create toys that you and your dog can have fun with and create special memories together. 

Patchwork Dog Pastel Koala 8"
$17.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Greybar 30"
$48.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Dolphin 10""
$19.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Beach Ball 6""
$15.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Stingray 6"
$15.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Winter Wolf 24"
$38.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Calvin Cow 24""
$38.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Shark 19"
$38.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Lobster 15"
$39.90 NZD
Patchwork Dog Seahorse 11"
$19.90 NZD