We care about your fur babies almost as much as you do. That’s why our cat scratchers have been the number one selling in NZ for the past 10 years

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Our Picks

KatAttack Manhattan
from $799.90 NZD
KatAttack New Yorker
from $1,099.90 NZD
KatAttack Giant Scratching Posts
from $139.00 NZD
KatAttack Kansas
from $239.90 NZD
KatAttack Chicago
from $429.90 NZD
$20.90 NZD $40.90 NZD
HALTI Headcollar
$21.90 NZD $41.90 NZD
KatAttack Sierra Post Sisal & Carpet
from $94.90 NZD
Tramps Thermal Ring Cat Bed
$83.90 NZD
KatAttack Phoenix Pad
$38.90 NZD
KatAttack Steps V1 (for end of bed)
from $129.90 NZD
NZ Made Futons with Fluff Filling
from $65.00 NZD $97.00 NZD
KatAttack Steps V2 - For the window ledge
from $120.00 NZD
Traveller Pet Carrier (Open Top)
from $79.90 NZD
KatAttack Dallas
from $899.90 NZD
Kiwi Classic Tahiti (Basket House)
from $549.90 NZD
Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat - Cajun Grey
from $68.90 NZD
Cooling Mat
from $47.90 NZD
Scruffs Thermal Mat
from $40.90 NZD
KatAttack Little Chicago
$339.90 NZD
Scruffs Thermal Dog Coat - Navy Block
from $57.90 NZD
Playmate Banksia Cat Post
$14.00 NZD $22.00 NZD
Lion Lure Mini
$22.90 NZD
HALTI Optifit
$39.90 NZD $69.90 NZD
CLIX Toilet Training Bells
$15.90 NZD $31.90 NZD
Highland Mattress
$152.90 NZD
CLIX Silent Whistle
$12.90 NZD $16.90 NZD
NZ Made Futons Fur Fluff Filling
from $85.00 NZD $111.00 NZD
KatAttack Vegas
$1,999.90 NZD
Air Traveller Pet Carrier (Small)
$121.90 NZD
Scruffs Siesta Mattress
from $123.90 NZD
KatAttack Delta Post
from $83.90 NZD
KatAttack Paris
$599.90 NZD
Air Traveller Pet Carrier (Mini)
$74.90 NZD
KatAttack Reno
$1,599.90 NZD