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For the past 16 years, these products have been the best-selling cat scratchers in New Zealand. Many large cat owners (such as Maine Coon) find it difficult to find products that meet their needs, but they quickly realise that our wobble-free solid Cat trees are accepted by their fur kids as they bound around on them.
KatAttack New Yorker from $1,099.90 NZD

KatAttack Manhattan from $799.90 NZD

KatAttack Chicago
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KatAttack Chicago from $429.90 NZD

KatAttack Kansas
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KatAttack Kansas from $239.90 NZD

KatAttack Dallas
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KatAttack Dallas Sold Out

KatAttack Vegas $1,999.90 NZD

KatAttack Paris
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KatAttack Paris from $599.90 NZD

KatAttack Reno
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KatAttack Reno $1,599.90 NZD

KatAttack Tunnel $249.90 NZD